Bedian Underpass: A Reality That Transforms Travel in Just 70 Days!

Bedian Underpass

🚧 Breaking News Update 🚧

We’re excited to share an incredible update on the Bedian Road Underpass project that we first reported on July 25, 2023. What began as an ambitious endeavor has now become a reality, and it’s even more remarkable than we anticipated!

While the official announcement is yet to be made, we have received information that the construction of the 2-lane underpass near Nawaz Sharif Interchange on Bedian Road, initiated to enhance travel between DHA Phase 5 and Phase 6, is already complete and set to open from today, October 7, 2023. What’s truly astonishing is that this project was completed in a record-breaking time of just 70 days, benefiting approximately 120,000 daily commuters.

This underpass, measuring approximately 0.6 km in length, provides a signal-free and efficient route to key areas, including PKLI, Bedian Road, Bhatta Chowk, Cantt, Defense, and Ring Road. It’s a significant step towards reducing traffic congestion and ensuring quicker, hassle-free travel for everyone.

While celebrating this milestone, we want to inform you that the development work on Bedian Road toward Bhatta Chowk is still in progress, and it is expected to be completed soon. This will further enhance connectivity in the area, making it even more convenient for residents and visitors.

The construction work on the underpass was carried out diligently and efficiently to meet deadlines and uphold quality standards. This project marks a substantial improvement in the area’s transportation infrastructure.

Watch the video update here

As we anticipate the official announcement of the opening and celebrate the completion of this project in just 70 days, we emphasize the importance of safe driving and adhering to traffic rules for the well-being of both commuters and construction workers.

We invite you to revisit our initial post from July 25, 2023, (Click Here) where we first shared the exciting news of this transformative project. Today, we witness its realization, revolutionizing travel between DHA Phase 5 and Phase 6, while providing easy access to vital destinations in the region.

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