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Welcome to the realm of Danube Group, a cornerstone within the Middle East’s construction industry. Under the visionary leadership of Rizwan Sajan, affectionately known as “The 1% Man,” Danube Group has consistently upheld unparalleled standards of excellence since its establishment in 1993.

Company Overview:

Built on innovation and integrity, Danube Group has become a powerhouse, reshaping skylines and enriching communities across the region. With a 2019 turnover of USD 1.3 billion, Danube Group continues to lead construction and real estate development endeavors.

Key Companies Under Danube Group:

    1. Danube Building Materials FZCO: The region’s premier supplier of building materials, renowned for quality and reliability.

    2. Danube Home: Revolutionizing interior design with a meticulously curated collection, making luxury accessible to all.

    3. Milano: Setting new standards in bath product innovation, seamlessly blending style with functionality.

    4. Danube Properties: Pioneering affordable residential projects that prioritize comfort and convenience for residents.

    5. Alucopanel Middle East LLC: Setting architectural cladding standards, ensuring aesthetics meet durability in every project.

    6. American Aesthetic Clinics: Enhancing beauty and confidence through cutting-edge cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

    7. Danube Hospitality: Elevating guest experiences with a comprehensive range of services tailored to the hospitality industry.

    8. Starz Media Incorporated FZLLC: Bridging Bollywood entertainment to local audiences through cultural exchang

Leadership Team:

      • Mr. Rizwan Sajan (Founder & Chairman): Renowned as “The 1% Man,” Mr. Rizwan Sajan’s visionary leadership has been pivotal in Danube Group’s success, propelling the company to unparalleled heights.

      • Mr. Anis Sajan (Vice Chairman): A stalwart in the industry, Mr. Anis Sajan’s business acumen and resilience have significantly contributed to Danube Group’s journey.

      • Mr. Adel Sajan (Group Managing Director): Spearheading strategic initiatives to drive growth and expansion, Mr. Adel Sajan embodies dynamic leadership within Danube Group.

The legacy of excellence established by Danube Group is a testament to the vision and dedication of its leadership team. With a diverse portfolio and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Danube Group continues to shape the future of construction and real estate in the Middle East.

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