DHA Lahore Phase - 3

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DHA Phase 3 – Lahore

DHA Phase 3 has surely known for its rich living style. It is effectively accessible from Walton Road and Ferozpur Road which makes it a perfect location for residents. Phase 3 contains on various Blocks name after letter sets i.e, Block W, Block X, Block XX, Block Y, Block Z. DHA Phase 3 has 7 Parks, wide rods and streets as well, greenery and one of the top-notch commercial markets of all phases i.e DHA Y Block & Z-Block Commercial area. Presence of various kinds of national and internal brands, food chains, banks, salons, boutiques and corporate offices make it one of the most distinguished commercial market of DHA Lahore. Due to its location and ultra modern living standards, DHA Phase 3 is considered the top phase of DHA Lahore for  residential and commercial purposes

Salient Feature

  • Commercial Market
  • McDonald- & KFC and other Fast Food Chains
  • Sheeba Park
  • Sport Complex
  • DHA Medical Center
  • Recreational Parks
  • Beacon House School
  • Shopping Mall
  • Mosque
  • Local and international Food Chains Restaurants
  • Community Club (Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Snooker Tables, Amusement, Gymnasium, Squash Courts, Banquet Hall and other Recreational facilities.)


DHA Phase 3 is known for its rich living style. It is accessible from Walton Road and Ferozpur Road, which makes it a perfect location for Residents. Walton Road has located North of DHA Phase 3 Lahore. On the map, ghazi road is situated towards the south of Phase 3 Lahore. DHA Phase 3 map shows The Package Mall is 5.2 km away from this Phase, located on Walton street Lahore. 

DHA Phase 3 is considered the top Phase of DHA because of its prime location and modern living standards. It has 7 Parks, a commercial market of Y and Z Block. DHA Phase 3 Lahore has a vision of changing the face of living in concept in Pakistan. 

This society provides many facilities such as a safe and secure environment, Educational institute, Health care units, Mosque, and many more.

DHA Phase 3 accommodates various Sectors, like Sector W, Sector X, Sector XX, Sector Y, Sector Z.

Sector W

This Block of society has Green Pharmacie, Jamia Masjid, Ibn-e-Sina College, Beaconhouse School, Auditorium, and, Basketball court.

Sector X & XX 

Sector X is 1.5 km away from Sector XX. There is a graveyard in Sector X. Rising Sun Institute for Special Child is located in Sector XX.

Sector Y & Z

DHA Phase 3, Lahore, is known for its Y-Block Market. There is a known brand of clothes, shoes and other necessities. DHA Phase 3 Y Block has Sheeba Park, Goal Plaza and, banks, medical center, sports complex, community club, (swimming pool, tennis, court, snooker tables, and other facilities.

Block Y & Z are neighbors. Nando’s is an international restaurant located in DHA Phase 3, Z block.

phase 3
DHA Phase 3