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Welcome to a world of opulence and innovation with DHA Bahawalpur Orchard Enclave, an exceptional creation by the esteemed Armed Forces of Pakistan. This extraordinary project, an integral part of the illustrious Defense Housing Authority, epitomizes modern living and unparalleled luxury. Nestled within the sprawling DHA Bahawalpur community, Orchard Enclave stands as the pinnacle of real estate excellence and a testament to visionary smart city planning.

orchard enclave

New Bahawalpur Orchard Enclave Map updated November 2023

The grand unveiling of DHA Bahawalpur Orchard Enclave was nothing short of a historic moment. Anticipation soared as DHA BWP tantalized investors and realtors with intriguing teasers on their vibrant social media platforms. The official announcement, made on September 14th, was met with resounding fanfare. Distinguished guests, government officials, esteemed DHA leadership, visionary investors, accomplished real estate professionals, and esteemed society members converged to witness this landmark event. In a symbolic gesture, Lieutenant General Saqib Mehmood Malik, Chairman of the Project Management Committee, had the honor of cutting the inaugural ribbon.

orchard enclave

This evening was not just about a project launch; it was a spectacular celebration of innovation and foresight. The official logo was unveiled, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future, and an immersive virtual reality experience was shared with the audience. The event was further elevated with a captivating musical night, setting the stage for the grandeur that is Orchard Enclave.

Orchard Enclave is set to redefine the traditional way of life in Pakistan, establishing new international standards for urban living. This visionary smart city concept promises to be a game-changer in the real estate landscape, ushering in a new era of high-end living and offering lucrative investment opportunities. It’s worth noting that the available plots within this exclusive project are limited, and they will be made available for sale in the near future.

Location-wise, Orchard Enclave enjoys a prime spot at Gate #2 and is officially launching in Block H, offering the best of what this prestigious community has to offer.

Recognized for their unwavering commitment to timely project delivery and a keen understanding of modern consumer preferences, DHA has once again showcased their expertise. They have translated a visionary concept into a tangible reality with a meticulously designed development plan, with the administration ensuring swift progress, underscoring their dedication to excellence.

Application Form

Orchard Enclave application Form_170_1
Orchard Enclave application Form_170_1
Orchard Enclave application Form

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DHA Bahawalpur Orchard Enclave is not merely a new project; it’s a lifestyle redefined. Join us on this extraordinary journey towards a future where luxury, innovation, and world-class living seamlessly converge. Become part of the enduring legacy that is DHA Bahawalpur Orchard Enclave, where dreams find their true home.

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