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NSHAMA Ascot Residences
Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, UAE (UNITED ARAB EMIRATE), طريق القدرة, Reem, دبي, الإمارات العربية المتحدة
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Studios & 1-3BR Apartments
in NSHAMA Town Square Dubai

The interiors have been designed with aesthetic and functional elements in mind. Whether you prefer a studio, 1, 2 & 3-bedroom apartment, you have the option of choosing from a variety of intuitive floor plans that can be accentuated and defined in the way you choose

in Town Square Dubai

ASCOT Residences in Town Square Dubai, is a residential development by NSHAMA Properties offering studios, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, all laced with a variety of amenities. Providing the residents with the highest level of luxury throughout the creation, this community is surrounded by quiet, private parkland areas lined with exclusive adventures and leisure activities.

With its prime location near the key destinations, Town Square Dubai offers residents an exclusive address with hassle-free access to the key attractions. Enjoy the lifestyle in Dubai by easily connecting to the renowned destinations. In order to allow people to enjoy life to its fullest, homes with a certain level of comfort and space are designed. There is a perfect design and elegance in the private gated environment, which is full of distinction, elegance, and high class. The creation of this amazing living environment consists of a wide range of ideas that have been conceived to allow residents to experience cutting-edge living standards and participate in them.

About Location

NSHAMA Town Square Dubai

In 2023 year, NSHAMA Properties launched ASCOT Residences at the popular family-oriented residential community Town Square Dubai. This is a large-scale complex of premium quality apartments and townhouses located away from the hustle and bustle of the Dubai city.

A number of nearby Emirates & Hessa streets can be accessed by Town Square Dubai developments, providing seamless accessibility and mobility as well as quick navigation to the rest of the city. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Sports City, Global Village, IMG World of Adventure and more are among the top attractions available to visitors. As part of the community, you are able to enjoy access to the perks of urban life, including a wide array of leisure activities.

There are many attractions at Town Square Dubai by NSHAMA Properties, including roads, parks, shops, a list of great activities, a large supermarket. All natural facilities also include a swimming pool, children’s pool, an international class gym, and lush green areas for relaxing.

Besides spending time with friends, you will have the opportunity to jump into the ocean waves or relax in shallow waters inspired by the beaches, visit trendy restaurants and shops. A real outlet in a community center that provides residents with a host of modern amenities.

60/40 2-Years Post-Handover Payment Plan

10% 40% 10% 40%
Down Payment On Construction On Handover Over 2-Years

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  • Property ID: maan53552
  • Price: On Call
  • Property Type: APARTMENTS, Town Square Dubai, NSHAMA, Dubai - Property
  • Property Status: For Sale

Additional details

  • HANDOVER: Q4 2024

Floor Plans


STUDIO | TYPE A ------------------- SUITE AREA (MIN) 29.53 Sq.m / 317.86 Sq.ft (MAX) 29.53 Sq.m / 317.86 Sq.ft ------------------- TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA (MIN) 29.53 Sq.m / 317.86 Sq.ft (MAX) 29.53 Sq.m / 317.86 Sq.ft


BEDROOM | TYPE A ------------------- SUITE AREA (MIN) 52.70 Sq.m / 567.26 Sq.ft (MAX) 52.70 Sq.m / 567.26 Sq.ft ------------------- BALCONY AREA (MIN) 5.24 Sq.m / 56.40 Sq.ft (MAX) 5.24 Sq.m / 56.40 Sq.ft ------------------- TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA (MIN) 57.94 Sq.m / 623.66 Sq.ft (MAX) 57.94 Sq.m / 623.66 Sq.ft


BEDROOM | TYPE B ------------------- SUITE AREA (MIN) 51.65 Sq.m / 555.96 Sq.ft (MAX) 51.65 Sq.m / 555.96 Sq.ft ------------------- BALCONY AREA (MIN) 8.66 Sq.m / 93.22 Sq.ft (MAX) 8.66 Sq.m / 93.22 Sq.ft ------------------- TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA (MIN) 60.31 Sq.m / 649.17 Sq.ft (MAX) 60.31 Sq.m / 649.17 Sq.ft


BEDROOM | TYPE B ------------------- SUITE AREA (MIN) 78.77 Sq.m / 847.87 Sq.ft (MAX) 79.55 Sq.m / 856.27 Sq.ft ------------------- BALCONY AREA (MIN) 4.90 Sq.m / 52.74 Sq.ft (MAX) 5.46 Sq.m / 58.77 Sq.ft ------------------- TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA (MIN) 84.23 Sq.m / 906.64 Sq.ft (MAX) 84.45 Sq.m / 909.01 Sq.ft


2 BEDROOM | TYPE B ------------------- SUITE AREA (MIN) 77.03 Sq.m / 829.14 Sq.ft (MAX) 79.80 Sq.m / 858.96 Sq.ft ------------------- BALCONY AREA (MIN) 8.71 Sq.m / 93.75 Sq.ft (MAX) 8.72 Sq.m / 93.86 Sq.ft ------------------- TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA (MIN) 85.74 Sq.m / 922.90 Sq.ft (MAX) 88.52 Sq.m / 952.82 Sq.ft


3 BEDROOM | TYPE A ------------------- SUITE AREA (MIN) 120.10 Sq.m / 1292.74 Sq.ft (MAX) 120.10 Sq.m / 1292.74 Sq.ft ------------------- BALCONY AREA (MIN) 10.13 Sq.m / 109.04 Sq.ft (MAX) 10.13 Sq.m / 109.04 Sq.ft ------------------- TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA (MIN) 130.23 Sq.m / 1401.78 Sq.ft (MAX) 130.23 Sq.m / 1401.78 Sq.ft



Property ID: maan53552
  • APARTMENTS, Town Square Dubai, NSHAMA, Dubai - Property
  • Property Type
  • 317.86
  • Sqft

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