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DHA Lahore Transfer Procedure – Your Complete Guide with MAAN ESTATE

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As a registered dealer and authorized entity for DHA Lahore property transfers, MAAN ESTATE provides expert guidance throughout the entire transfer process. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Document Verification Ensure all necessary documents, such as the original sale deed, possession letter, and tax receipts, are complete and up-to-date.

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Step 2: NDC and Verification Visit the DHA Customer Care Center or Transfer & Record Directorate to apply for No Demand Certificate (NDC) and Property Verification. MAAN ESTATE will assist you in obtaining these documents and pay the applicable fees on your behalf.

regular transfer voucher
urgent transfer voucher
Executive transfer voucher
Super Executive transfer voucher
Hiba transfer voucher

Step 3: Transfer File Creation With MAAN ESTATE’s expertise, create the transfer file at the DHA Transfer & Record Directorate. Fill out the necessary application form and attach all required documents as per DHA guidelines. Our team will help you calculate and pay the relevant transfer fee based on your property type, size, and location.

236K - FBR
236C - FBR
Transfer File
Non Filer

Step 4: Stamp Duty Payment Calculate the stamp duty based on the DC Value and purchase the required stamp papers from a designated bank or authorized stamp vendor. MAAN ESTATE will guide you through this process and ensure all payments are made correctly.

Step 5: Transfer File Submission Submit the complete transfer file, along with the stamp duty payment voucher, to the DHA Transfer & Record Directorate. Our experts will review your file for accuracy and completeness to avoid any delays.

Membership form
Stamp duty
Bank Voucher

Step 6: Transfer Director’s Approval The Transfer Director at DHA Lahore will review and approve your transfer file. With MAAN ESTATE’s professional assistance, we’ll ensure all necessary approvals are obtained promptly.

Step 7: Signature of Buyer and Seller Both the buyer and seller, along with two witnesses, will sign the transfer file in the presence of the Transfer Director or an authorized officer. MAAN ESTATE will guide you through this signing process to avoid any discrepancies.

Step 8: Overseas and Out-of-Station Transfers If you or the other party involved in the transfer are overseas or out of station, additional procedures and affidavits may be required. MAAN ESTATE will handle these formalities on your behalf for a hassle-free experience.

Step 9: Mutation and Record Update After successful approval, DHA Lahore will update its records with the new owner’s information through the mutation process. MAAN ESTATE will ensure a seamless update and accurate record-keeping.

Step 10: Issuance of Transfer Letter Upon completing the transfer process, DHA Lahore will issue a Transfer Letter, officially confirming the change of ownership. MAAN ESTATE will verify the issuance and provide you with the necessary documentation.

As your trusted partner in real estate, MAAN ESTATE takes pride in delivering a smooth and transparent transfer experience. Rely on our expertise for expert guidance and premier services for all your DHA Lahore property transfer needs. Trust the Local Experts with a Global Reach at MAAN ESTATE!