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Underpass Nawaz Sharif Interchange DHA Phase 5 to Phase 6 Bedian Road | Signal-Free | DHA Lahore

underpass Phase 5 Phase 6

🚧 Breaking News 🚧 Bedian Road Underpass Construction Starts!

In a big news update, the construction of a 2-lane underpass near Nawaz Sharif Interchange on Bedian Road has begun. This project aims to make it easier for people to travel between Phase-5 and Phase-6, benefiting around 120,000 daily commuters.

The underpass will be approximately 0.6 km long and will provide smoother access to PKLI, Bedian Road, Bhatta Chowk, Cantt, Defense, and Ring Road. This means less traffic and quicker travel for everyone.

The construction work is being done carefully and quickly to finish the underpass on time and ensure it is of high quality. This project will greatly improve the area’s transportation and make life easier for residents and visitors.

As the work continues, it’s essential for everyone to drive carefully and follow traffic rules for the safety of both commuters and workers. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project that will revolutionize travel between Phase-5 and Phase-6 while providing easy access to important places in the region.

underpass Phase 5 Phase 6
underpass Phase 5 Phase 6

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